About Battle Against Dementia

Battle Against Dementia is was founded by Douglas McCluskey after his father passed away with vascular dementia. He was originally an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Scotland and through the organisation, held many events in his father’s memory.

Douglas understands the devastating effect of watching a loved one suffer with the terrible effects of this disease whilst coping with the pressure of caring for them and helping them to function on a daily basis.

He spent three years visiting many hospitals and care homes in an effort to find somewhere his father would settle and be happy. He found the process heart breaking, not only for his father who was deteriorating over time but in having a parent who no longer recognised him.

His father found peace and Douglas is grateful that he is no longer suffering. This process gave him a perspective that made him want to apply his knowledge and experience to help others in a similar position. Now he spends all of his spare time raising awareness, fundraising and planning his Dementia Hub to help people living with this terrible condition. Ultimately, Douglas wants to help find a cure so that the next generation can be free from dementia. His passion is infectious, and he has big plans for the charity and the resource it will provide.